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If you’re considering about painting the interior of your home, your wallpaper may be standing in your way. In most cases, it’s not advisable to paint over existing wallpaper. Removing it is a essential step in achieving the right look for your home. Sabatini Pro Painting offers high-quality wallpaper removal services. Residents of Delaware County who live in or around lower Philadelphia should reach out to us for professional, quality work and consistent honesty and professionalism.

Professional Wallpaper Removal Company to Help You Avoid Serious Problems

Removing wallpaper may appear to be a straightforward task. How hard can it be to scrape away wallpaper? The reality is that a do-it-yourself project leaves you vulnerable to costly problems.

Drywall Damage

Depending on how the wallpaper was initially applied, removing it on your own may cause damage on the wall itself. Professionals will know which tools and what techniques to rely on to avoid gouging, scratching, and generally weakening your walls. They’ll be able to spare you from the unforeseen additional expenses and delays from repairs.

Do You Have Underlying Problems with Your Wall?

After careful wallpaper removal, you may realize that the wall is already damaged. The wallpaper may have been masking a range of problems. Maybe the surface is marred by scratches, splinters, holes, or other signs of age and deterioration. Maybe you have uncovered mold growth from an accumulation of moisture. What should you do next? Professionals will know how to fix underlying issues.

Leftover Wallpaper

Occasionally, you’ll find that multiple layers of wallpaper need to be removed. Are you sure that you’ve gotten rid of all of it? Likewise, in areas around light switches and electrical sockets, it’s easy for pieces to get stuck or overlooked and remain where they are. Professionals are thorough enough to work on every square foot of a surface, and they know how to get into corners that are difficult to reach.

Leftover Adhesive and Chemical Residue will Cause Problems

Even if you remove all the wallpaper, the original adhesive may possibly still remain, undermining the quality of future paint jobs. Furthermore, if you use chemicals or steam to remove the wallpaper, you may cause discoloration, dampness, and other problems. The chemicals can also leave a residue that needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you have the walls painted. Professional training and proper techniques are vital.

What to Expect When Hiring Professionals for Wallpaper Removal

With years of experience painting the exteriors and interiors of homes, we have mastered the method of removing wallpaper. When you hire Sabatini Pro Painting, you can expect:

Thorough Vetting and Training

Everyone who works for us has undergone detailed background checks and rigorous training. Furthermore, their training doesn’t stop once they’re hired. We expect our contractors to keep updating their knowledge and mastering the use of new techniques and equipment. They know how to work on different surfaces, and they’re deeply knowledgeable about the properties of the adhesives used during each job.

Personalized Solutions

Before beginning on wallpaper removal or painting more generally, we carefully evaluate the surfaces we’ll be working on. We establish which tools we’ll need, such as a putty knife, and which types of chemicals may be necessary. The removal process isn’t going to unfold in the same way in various homes. You need solutions that are tailored to the conditions of your interior surfaces.

Masterful Preparations for a Paint Job

Removing your wallpaper helps prepare your interior for a paint job. Aside from getting rid of the wallpaper itself, what else do your interior surfaces need? From sealing cracks to applying primer, we can successfully prepare your surfaces for painting. Thanks to our preparations, your paint job will prove durable and beautiful.

Guidance on Important Choices

You may have some worries about how each room in your home ought to look. Should you replace old wallpaper with new wallpaper, or will painting your surfaces be the best option? Which combinations of colors work perfectly for you, and what sort of finish should the paint have? Your questions may not have straightforward answers. Luckily, we can help you make decisions that strengthen the beauty of your home.

Safety and Environmental Friendliness

Creating a safe environment for our customers and for our painters is important to us. Along with providing workers with safety training and protective gear, we prefer to use products that are environmentally friendly. We make sure to carefully clean up after ourselves and minimize the intensity and spread of chemical odors.

Free and Accurate Estimates

We believe that a beautiful home should be within your reach. You shouldn’t have to break your budget for it. We offer reasonable prices, and we don’t surprise you with hidden or unexpected costs. When you contact us, you can enjoy a free estimate for the expenses of removing your wallpaper and any other services you need from us. We are honest and transparent about all of our prices, and we offer a two-year warranty for our work.

Consideration and Respect

Your home deserves careful treatment, and you deserve peace of mind. With your input, we’ll devise with a work schedule that minimizes disruptions to your life. We’ll work with efficiency and with attention to detail, making sure each job is free of preventable delays. You won’t have to wait long to enjoy the outstanding results. Our quick responses, respectful attitude, and superlative skills mean that you’ll have a fantastic experience as our customer.

Call on Sabatini Pro Painting

If you live in or around lower Philadelphia, we look forward to hearing from you. Licensed and insured, we guarantee you full satisfaction with our wallpaper removal services and every other type of job we perform. Because we specialize in all aspects of interior and exterior residential painting, you can trust us with any part of your home.

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