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Ideally, you’ll have the outside of your Wallingford PA home painted at least once a decade. In some cases, you may want to have your home’s exterior repainted more often depending on the exact weather conditions it faces on a daily basis. The exterior house painting professionals at Sabatini Pro Painting have the skills, resources and experience to make your home look great in an affordable and timely manner. Let’s take a closer look at why you should hire this company to handle your next home painting project.

The Team at Sabatini Knows a Lot About Paint

The folks at Sabatini can use their extensive knowledge about paint to ensure that your home looks its best throughout the year. If your house is exposed to the sun on a regular basis, they will likely suggest that you go with a lighter shade of whatever color you choose to cover it with. This is because it will appear brighter when it is exposed to natural light.

However, if your home spends a lot of time in the shade, you may be better off with a darker color. A darker color may be preferable in such a scenario because paint tends to look flat when it doesn’t receive a lot of natural light. Furthermore, the team that works on your property will be able to suggest the best type of paint for your house.

In many cases, you’ll want to use a satin or a flat product on the outside of your home. Doing so provides a good balance of sheen and protection against mold, mildew and other items that might try to attach itself to exterior siding.

Finally, the exterior painters who work on your home will have extensive knowledge of the best way to apply paint to your home. These individuals will have received thorough training regarding how to use rollers, sprayers or other tools that are commonly used in residential painting projects. Ultimately, you can feel good that your project will be completed properly the first time and in a timely manner.

Customer Service Is Our Top Priority

From the moment that you get in touch with our exterior house painting team, your will receive the best customer service. We offer free estimates, which means that you know exactly how much it will cost to complete your exterior painting project before any work is done. Therefore, you can feel good that you are getting the best price and maximum value for your home improvement dollar.

We also offer a warranty that lasts for up to 24 months from the date that your home is painted. If you notice any problems such as bubbling, flaking or cracking, we will fix the issue right away. It’s worth noting that we will scrape, sand or prime exterior surfaces before they are painted to minimize the risk of such problems occurring.

You should also know that we are generally able to work in almost any type of weather conditions. However, for best results, it’s generally a good idea to hold off on a painting project until the spring or summer.

This is partially because the longer days give our exterior painters more time to work on your home each day, which can expedite your project’s timeline. In addition, painting during periods of dry and mild weather conditions make it easier for the paint to adhere to your home without running or streaking.

You're Protected From Start to Finish

As a fully insured and bonded painting company, you are not liable for anything that we do on your property. This means that you aren’t liable for any property damage, employee injury claims or any other issues that might arise during your project. Of course, we will take a variety of precautions to minimize the risk of anything going awry while on your property.

You can also feel good about the fact that our people are vetted before they are allowed to work on your home. Taking this step helps to ensure that whoever takes part in your home improvement project will be able to complete tasks in a professional and proper manner. It’s worth noting that our workers are generally classified as employees as opposed to contractors. This means that we have more control over how they work, which helps to minimize the risk of a mistake being made.

What Else Can We Do for You?

As part of our commitment to delivering the best customer service, we will provide you with a projected timeline during your initial consultation. As a general rule, we can work whenever there is sufficient light to do so. However, we can also avoid working on certain days or certain times of day to minimize the interruption to your life. We can also take steps to ensure that your children and pets feel comfortable with our presence on your property.

During the process of painting your home, you can feel free to ask questions, voice concerns or take other actions to help ensure that you get the most for your money. Our team will do whatever it takes to make sure that your questions are answered or that your feedback is taken into account.

If you need your home’s exterior painted, don’t hesitate to contact the folks at Sabatini Pro Painting in Wallingford PA today. You can learn more about us by typing painters near me in your favorite search engine. When you get to our site, you can read customer testimonials, find out how to schedule a consultation or send an email seeking more information about our company and its services.

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