Our Story

In April of 2015, Rick Sabatini and Alejandra Sabatini-Guizada Started Sabatini Pro Painting.

Ale, who had moved to the US from Italy a year prior to take a nannying job, had a visa that was about to expire. Instead of Ale returning to Italy, we decided to get married and begin painting together. I (Rick) had been painting for a few years already and had done several side-jobs on my own. Ale didn’t know how to paint, but she is an artist and had spent a lot of her early years assisting her father on home projects in Italy. She started watching every youtube video she could find on painting methods.

The First Year Was Pretty Tough!

We made $1,000 less than what we spent at the end of the year and barely survived on a small loan that Ale’s father had given to us during our leanest months. We lived in a tiny room in Chester, PA, buckled down, and did our best to survive our first winter in business with our $800 1998 Ford Econoline Conversion Van.

We didn’t have a ton of fun that first year, but we did create a great foundation for our business that we’ve continued to build upon in the following years.

Instead of worrying where the next customer was coming from, we focused all our energies on doing the best job we could, and making sure our customers were 1000% satisfied with the value we had given to their home. As we continued to work with dedication, more and more referrals came our way, and we got luckier and luckier.


One year after receiving the loan, we paid Ale’s father back in full. Shortly afterward we added a new van to our small fleet, added a few all-star crew members, and even started using (609) 774-8803 to attract potential customers to our growing and dedicated service company.

Our dedication to great customer service has never wavered, and never will. We know that without our customers, we have nothing. Every morning, when we put on our painting uniforms, our goal isn’t just to go to work, or even just to do a great paint job, but to show our customers through our excellent quality of work that we appreciate them and the opportunity to work with them.

We look forward to working with you, and the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.