Interior Pricing

Are you looking to have some painting done in your home, rental property, or business? With Sabatini Pro Painting, you are in good hands. Our team of painting professionals will take care of your job, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, customer service, and quick, well-planned jobs so that we can be out of your hair as quickly as possible.

Small Bathroom 6 x 6
*Wall Surface190 Sq Ft$278.00
Ceiling Surface36 Sq Ft$61.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard24 Ln Ft$25.00
Small Room 10 x 12
*Wall Surface350 Sq ft$358.00
Ceiling Surface120 Sq ft$100.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard44 Ln Ft$40.00
Medium Room 12 x 15
*Wall Surface430 Sq Ft$465.00
Ceiling Surface180 Sq Ft$120.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard54 Ln Ft$50.00
Large Room 15 x 20
*Wall Surface560 Sq Ft$680.00
Ceiling Surface300 Sq Ft$158.00
Door and CasingPer Side$30.00
Baseboard70 Ln Ft$60.00

*All Wall Surfaces are figured for 8′ high ceilings.
If you have 10′ high ceilings then add 25%.
If you have 12′ high ceilings then add 50%.
If you have 14′ high veilings then add 75%.
All prices include labor and paint.